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  1. Stem cells therapy for regenerative medicine: Principles of present and future practice
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  3. Principles of Tissue Engineering

Embryonic stem cells can now be cultured and even produced from adult cells by the nuclear transfer method.

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Due to the rapid progress of research in molecular biology, particularly in the field of developmental biology, we are now starting to understand at the level of genes and molecules how the development of dental tissues is regulated. For instance, specific signal molecules have been identified which regulate the development of teeth and bones from progenitor cells. This information is already being used for the generation of dentoalveolar tissues in vitro and in vivo.

Could we perhaps grow new enamel, dentine, periodontal ligament, bone, or even whole new teeth for our patients in the future? Forgot your password? Institutional Login Shibboleth or OpenAthens For the academic login, please select your organization on the next page. Forgot Password? Sign up for MyKarger Institutional Login. Evidence Based Practice in Dentistry. Kuwait, October 2—4, Free Access. Related Articles for " ".

A Stem Cell Story

Although cardiomyocytes were produced from the mesenchymal stem cells, they did not appear to be contractile. Other treatments that induced a cardiac fate in the cells before transplanting had greater success at creating contractile heart tissue. Spinal cord injuries are one of the most common traumas brought into veterinary hospitals. These cells involved in the secondary damage response secrete factors that promote scar formation and inhibit cellular regeneration.

Mesenchymal stem cells that are induced to a neural cell fate are loaded onto a porous scaffold and are then implanted at the site of injury. The cells and scaffold secrete factors that counteract those secreted by scar forming cells and promote neural regeneration. Eight weeks later, dogs treated with stem cells showed immense improvement over those treated with conventional therapies.

Dogs treated with stem cells were able to occasionally support their own weight, which has not been seen in dogs undergoing conventional therapies. Treatments are also in clinical trials to repair and regenerate peripheral nerves. Peripheral nerves are more likely to be damaged, but the effects of the damage are not as widespread as seen in injuries to the spinal cord.

Treatments are currently in clinical trials to repair severed nerves, with early success. Stem cells induced to a neural fate injected in to a severed nerve. Within four weeks, regeneration of previously damaged stem cells and completely formed nerve bundles were observed. Stem cells are also in clinical phases for treatment in ophthalmology.

Hematopoietic stem cells have been used to treat corneal ulcers of different origin of several horses. These ulcers were resistant to conventional treatments available, but quickly responded positively to the stem cell treatment. Stem cells were also able to restore sight in one eye of a horse with retinal detachment, allowing the horse to return to daily activities.

In the late s and early s, there was an initial wave of companies and clinics offering stem cell therapy, while not substantiating health claims or having regulatory approval. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the medical therapy. For the cell type, see Stem cell. Further information: Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

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Further information: Human embryonic stem cells clinical trials. Main article: Stem-cell controversy. International Journal of Cell Biology. Department of Health and Human Services, Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation.

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Stem cells therapy for regenerative medicine: Principles of present and future practice

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NPJ Regenerative Medicine. The Conversation. Endpoints News. US Federal Trade Commission. Retrieved 7 March Stem cells. Embryonic stem cells Adult stem cells Cancer stem cells Induced pluripotent stem cells Induced stem cells. Cellular differentiation Stem cell therapy Stem cell controversy Stem cell line Stem cell laws Stem cell laws and policy in the United States Epigenetics in stem cell differentiation.

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Principles of Tissue Engineering

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